We work with teams across the country to make successful implementations a reality while supporting the ongoing use of offender assessment and case management tools. It’s all about educating the right people at the right time.

Training is a very necessary and important element of your team’s competency and day to day comfort level with the tools you have chosen to use. The level of system success really depends on the people that will be using the system every day... and how well they know what’s at their fingertips. Learning the software and aligning its use with your processes will make or break go live and beyond. That’s where our team of practitioners comes in.

Don't train your people to leave; develop them to stay.

Training courses can be mapped by the product licensed in your system as follows:

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Getting Started: COMPAS Assessment & Case Planning

Our basic software training provides users of all types’ direct hands-on experience using the COMPAS tools. Users that join in our basic COMPAS Assessment and Case Plan training will learn:

  • Software navigation basics
  • administering the COMPAS assessment
  • interpreting the assessment results
  • matching the offender’s risk to supervision recommendations
  • tying the offender’s criminogenic needs to a case plan, and
  • working to engage the offender in the case planning process.
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Advanced Case Planning

Workshops build the skills of your users well beyond system Go Live. This option takes users to the next step in terms of understanding and interpreting the COMPAS instrument by focusing on:

  • offender typology assignments and intervention implications
  • interpreting criminal theory patterns as they relate to the potential for the offender’s change process, and
  • understanding the difference between behavior management, supervision and behavioral change.


Train the Trainer – All Assessment Types

Your team may need to establish its own in-house COMPAS training team for ongoing internal leadership and education purposes. Our Train the Trainer sessions give you solid options in developing professional trainers that you can call on for future training needs. This extensive session focuses building and maintaining competency in the COMPAS software and individuals’ skills in teaching the software fundamentals to others.

Classification and Inmate Management

Full 2Well-designed, objective classification is at the heart of any jail’s inmate management operations, regardless of jail size. Classification is no longer just used to drive housing decisions. It also drives eligibility for programs and privileges while addressing early release and community management strategies.

The Northpointe JICS, Decision Tree Objective Jail Inmate Classification System, is a national model taught at the National Institute of Corrections. Our Classification training is critical to the proper introduction of classification into your daily inmate management and administrative operations.

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