What We Do

The Northpointe Suite is an automated decision-support software package of industry-leading risk, needs assessment and case management tools. The instruments address the complex set of risk, need and case management considerations that improve decision accuracy in custody, supervision and programming based on underlying criminogenci needs.


The Northpointe Suite is an integrated, web-based assessment and case management system for criminal justice practioners who must make decisions regarding:

  • Community placement
  • Supervision
  • Treatment
  • Case management of offenders

Our Solutions

The Northpointe Suite is used in pretrial, probation, institutions, parole, and community corrections across the United States.

Risk Needs Assessment

Designed for both adult and youth offenders recently removed from the community or currently in the community e.g. jail, prison, probation, community corrections, etc.

Case Manager

Case Manager is a comprehensive, dynamic software solution managing offender processing and case management.

Pre Trial

Collect case information, forumlate bond and release recommendations and track court decisions.


Interface with existing jail management systems to provide the best in critical inmate management decision support.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Give line staff, managers, and administrators easy access to all of the data fields in the system across all licensed software titles in the COMPAS suite.


We work with your agency to problem solve and successfuly integrate our solutions into your policies, procedures, and case management operations.