What We Offer

The Northpointe services team is dedicated to serving the field of criminal justice supporting our collective interests in learning and improving case management and agency performance.

A distinguishing feature of Northpointe is that we are not just software providers who install and simply train how to navigate the software. Our typical implementation services include both consultancy and training.


Our team of experienced correctional practicioners work with your agency to problem solve and successfuly integrate our solutions into your poicies, procedures, and case management operations.

Our Services

As a criminal justice professional, you are responsible for implementing policies and practices that Reduce Recidivism and guard public safety. With over 25 years in the industry, our full suite of services can help you accomplish your goals and get the most out of your Northpointe solution.


Northpointe’s consulting staff has experience working with leadership to deliver the changes an organization would like to implement.


At Northpointe we have a highly skilled in-house research and development team to support learning and contribute to the growing knowledge base of effective practices in criminal justice.


We work with agencies nationwide providing expert training services to support the planning and successful implementation of offender assessment and case management strategies.

System Modeling

Project a set of “what if” initiatives (policy or procedural changes) through immediate modeling feedback of the proposed change(s) on your problem (jail crowding, case load size, and more).