COMPAS - The Most Scientifically Advanced Risk and Needs Assessments

Risk/Needs and Case Planning is designed for both adult and youth offenders recently removed from the community or currently in the community e.g. jail, prison, probation, community corrections, etc.

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Powerful Decision Support

Take a “retrospective” look at risk and needs factors over the previous 12 months for making treatment and supervision decisions at intake and in the community or a “prospective” look at risk and needs for longer term incarcerated inmates transitioning back into the community.

Crimenogenic Need Scales

Turn off or on any combination of scales to meet your decision support needs.

Case Planning

Supports development and execution of treatment decisions and facilitates logical flow of planning and programming from facility to community.

Offender Identifier

All offender assessments and case plans are stored for easy access and review of historical assessment results and prior case plan progress.

COMPAS Risk and Needs Assessments

Core (Gender Neutral Adults)

Designed for both male and female offenders recently removed from the community or currently in the community. COMPAS Core takes a “retrospective” look at risk and needs factors for placing and supervising the offender in the community.


COMPAS Reentry takes a “prospective” look at both the male and female populations in assessing the risks and needs of offenders preparing to leave incarceration and transition back into the community.


COMPAS Women, used in conjunction with gender neutral Core and Reentry scales, is a complete set of Gender-sensitive scales that is integrated into the COMPAS assessment procedures.


Designed for delinquent youth ages 12 to 17, COMPAS Youth takes advantage of recent research on the predictors and needs factors most strongly linked to juvenile delinquent behavior.

Risk Pre-screener

COMPAS Pre-screener is a short 5 item risk of general recidivism scale principally used in higher volume agencies needing a quick “triage” screener to determine who the higher risk offenders are for conducting a more in depth risk and needs assessment.

Measure Critical Risk and Need Areas

Easily select ANY combination of its 22 risk and needs scales to most effectively and efficiently inform your decision support needs across the offender processing continuum.

Bar Chart Report

Visually score your offender against all other offenders in the norm group. Reassess the offender over time with “overlay” of the current assessment chart with any previous assessment to visually compare dynamic changes in risk and needs over time.

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Make Defensible Decisions

Fully web-based and Windows compliant, applicable to offenders at all levels from non-violent misdemeanors to repeat violent felons. Our solutions offers separate norms for males, females, community and incarcerated populations.

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Level of Service Inventory Assessment Tools

The Northpointe Software Suite now offers the LSI-R, LSI-R:SV and LSI-CMI assessment tools for those agencies that prefer using the Multi-Health assessments. These assessment instruments are also integrated with the Suite case plan and other Suite modules for seamless development of case-specific plans, supervision support and ad-hoc report creation.


Key Features

Track placement outcomes, offender profiles, program participation, caseload termination reasons and more.

  • Measures Critical Risk and Need Areas
  • Integrated Case Planning and Outcomes Tracking
  • Built-in Custom Report Generator
  • Customizable Scales
  • Regression, Typology and Narrative Reports
  • Tablet and Ofice Capabilities
  • User Configurable
  • Supervision Recommendation
  • Secondary Assessments
  • Separate Male and Female Norms
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