At Northpointe we have a highly skilled in-house research and development team to support learning and contribute to the growing knowledge base of effective practices in criminal justice.

At Northpointe we have a highly skilled in-house research and development team. Our expert team dedicates itself to the exploration of new ideas and tools to support learning and contribute to the growing knowledge base of effective practices in criminal justice. The team conducts ongoing research in support of the further development of the COMPAS Software Suite applications. Northpointe’s desire to apply current research creates a culture that encourages continuous improvement. Working with agencies across the country, we are implementing leading edge tools and practices to improve decision making and support agencies as they move toward improved performance and outcomes.

Northpointe’s research and development team is advancing our understanding of criminal justice populations. Using sophisticated statistical models, we are able to see and understand a more holistic compilation of risk and needs present in the lives of people involved in the criminal justice system. These holistic renderings are ushering in a new way of appreciating the match between client service needs and effective case management strategies to better mitigate offender risk and needs. Our work with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, for example, has empirically revealed these patterns for women, validating the theoretical research into the pathways women take into crime.

These techniques are also informing our work with judges and other key stakeholders where science is brought to the bench informing a more complete understanding of the individual. Using advanced pattern recognition, we are able to match individuals with a combination of evidence-based supervision and treatment strategies that account for the complexity of needs present in criminal justice populations.

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Research in a Criminal Justice Agency

Northpointe will provide a one-day seminar where our researchers and agency staff can discuss the scope of data that can be mined through COMPAS, the standard reports available through COMPAS, and identify and outline the customized reports necessary for the agency to monitor its policies and practices. This may be most useful for supervisors and middle-management within the agency.

Performance Measurement: The Big Picture

This seminar identifies and explains data reports that are available through COMPAS and reinforces the value of the reports to support agency leadership in planning and evaluation of practices. Northpointe will take top administrators through the variety of reports that presently exist or can easily be created. Reports provide vital information and metrics needed for external purposes, for example, when called upon to make the case for agency performance within their criminal justice system, or for internal purposes, such as reports to help assess and understand the client population.

Target Groups: Matching Approaches to Client Risk & Need

Working with our clients, Northpointe will help design and execute a study to focus on the needs of site specific target groups – a process that will ultimately result in serving the needs of each target group more effectively. Northpointe is pioneering research into the identification and use of various offender patterns for informing internal classification and case management strategies.

Defining, Measuring & Using Outcome Data

Full 2A one-day seminar addresses the importance of outcome data and how it can be gathered, used and analyzed to exercise best practices throughout the entire agency’s decision making processes.

The gathering and interpretation of data is vital to such leadership activities as support of treatment programs, agency practices and policies including personnel requirements and operating procedures.

How to Monitor Content: Quality Data + Quality Case Plans = Success

Having an abundance of data is not very helpful if the quality of the data is poor. If the data is of lesser quality, the decisions and case plans of the agency will be of lesser quality as well. This will ultimately minimize successful outcomes. How do we assure that the information we are collecting is being obtained optimally? This one-day seminar will go through the best practices to be applied to ensure the availability and use of reliable data.

Data Analysis: 12 & 24 Month Outcome Studies

A standard research component of many Northpointe projects is a validation report and a 12 and/or 24 month outcome study. The reporting process typically includes two phases: the Psychometric Analysis and the Validation component. In combination with the Northpointe Assessment System, criminal justice agencies are able to simulate and evaluate system performance under existing or hypothetical conditions. Armed with the information, agencies are able to understand their populations, formulate more effective policies and establish more results-oriented intervention approaches.

Northpointe Research Partner Program

Many agencies just don’t have the resources on staff to do all the research they would like to do to learn more about their population. Beyond having the resources, understanding what data and or reports provide the insight into discovering the answers to their questions can be daunting. In response to this client need, Northpointe has developed a research partner program to work with agencies and to guide, advise and perform the research needed by our clients. Working with each client, we design a research program built to be an outsourced research department that will maximize the use of agency information and data for both internal and external purposes.

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