Ad Hoc Reporting

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Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use, report generator for custom report creation

Give line staff, managers, and administrators easy access to all of the data fields in the system across all licensed software titles in the COMPAS suite.

Custom Agency Reports

The user defines the reports by selecting fields to run conditions on, sort by, and to display.

Easy Report Wizard

When you create a new report, the report wizard will guide you through the report creation process, step by step.

Roster or Statistical Reports

Create a list of offenders who meet the criteria you specify or tabulate percentages and total numbers of offenders.

COMPAS Suite Custom Reports

Comprehensive, easy to use ad-hoc report generator allowing for the custom creation of an unlimited number of roster reports, statistical tabulations and trend charts.

Statistical Summaries and Roster Reports

Choose which type of report you need and how you would like your information displayed. The statistical summary report can be displayed in a pie chart or a bar graph according to your preference. The roster report creates lists of offenders and information you can easily sort and total the columns in the report as desired.

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Easy Export Feature

Choose from the Export Type (PDF, Excel, Word, XML, RTF, etc.) with the drop down menu. The report will be fully editable to the extent possible in the format you chose.

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Key Features

The Northpointe Suite Ad-hoc Report Generator gives you the flexibility you need to respond to the specific information needs of your agency on a daily basis. Reports can be saved for regular use and comparisons.

  • Offender Demographics
  • Caseload Information
  • Program/Services Tracking
  • Assessment and Classification Profiles and Trends
  • Criminogenic Needs and Case Plan Metrics
  • Case Outcomes Tracking
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