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Predict Failure to Appear and Assess Risk to Public Safety

Designed specifically for pre-trial release programs, and used in conjunction with the risk assessments, COMPAS Pretrial allows for the collection of case information, the formulation of bond and release recommendations and tracking of the court decision.

Risk Assessment

Assess risk for failure to appear, use the Violence Risk Scale to assess risk to public safety if released to the community.

Pre-Trial Case Management

Tracks conditions of release, case processing events, supervision levels, contacts, court information, next court dates, and more.

Supervision Recommendations

Using a combination of the Pre-trial Risk Scale, the severity of current offense, and criminal history to recommend an appropriate supervision level.

Manage Pre-trial Case Management & Assess Faliure to Appear

Developed from years of staff’s experience in community corrections program design, implementation, management and evaluation, the Pre-trial module is a comprehensive, dynamic software solution managing the offender pre-trial process.

Risk Assessment Tool

Northpointe has developed and validated an 8 item pretrial risk (failure to appear) assessment tool. This may be used in combination with our 5 item general recidivism risk screener and/or our Risk of Violence Scale which may be used in any combination, if desired, to assist in screening and determining risk and appropriateness for placing pretrial release candidates into the community. Use the pretrial case management module to make recommendations to the court and track your pretrial case in the community.

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Supervision Recommendation Matrix

Based on their assessed failure to appear risk and the offender’s most serious current charge and criminal history – the software automatically recommends a supervision level if placed in the community with the ability to track overrides and reasons.

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Key Features

The Pre-Trial module is seamlessly integrated within the COMPAS Suite allowing for the tracking and management of all pre-trial events.

  • Conditions of Release
  • Supervision Levels
  • Contacts
  • Court Information
  • Next Court Dates
  • Court Attendance
  • Drug Testing
  • Case & Outcome Tracking
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