Established in 1989, Northpointe is a recognized consulting and research firm that delivers software products, training and implementation services to more than 200 federal, state and local criminal justice systems and policy makers throughout the United States and Canada.

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Industry Articles

Corrections Forum
November/December 2015 Issue

"Supervisory Tools for Probation & Parole"

From treatment to intensive supervision, tools that efficiently manage growing caseloads. The Northpointe Suite offers comprehensive & validated screening, assessment, and case planning tools to assess risk and identify criminogenic factors, assist in making detention decisions, determine suitability for placement in programmatic interventions and/or sanctions.

American Jail Association
July/August 2014 Issue

"Developing a Data-Driven Jail Population Management Plan" by Dave Wells

This article provides information for developing a robust, data-driven management plan for jail populations. An effective jail population management plan can help agencies better use limited resources (jail-bed space) and also help protect public safety.