Jail Inmate Classification

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The Classification module is designed to be interfaced with existing jail management systems to provide the best in critical inmate management decision support and manages all aspects of a jail’s classification operations.

Operations Management

COMPAS Classification provides comprehensive support for all aspects of your jail’s classification unit operations.

Inmate Decision Support

Northpointe’s objective and validated classification decision tree instruments are fully automated with appropriate information displayed to answer each risk split, track overrides and automatically set review dates.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Ad-hoc Report Generator provide numerous unit metrics, population rosters, statistical reports and “to do” lists to both classification staff and administrators.

Manage Inmate and Jail Operations

Developed from years of staff’s experience in community corrections program design, implementation, management and evaluation, Jail Classification is a comprehensive, dynamic software solution managing jail operations and providing inmate decision support. Learn more - "Background and Design Logic for the Nationally RecognizedNorthpointe Decision Tree Instruments"

Classification Operations Management

The Classification Summary screen provides inmate information on one screen detailing status alerts, current classification, housing assignment, misconduct summary, high risk special condition flags, due for classification review, overall length of stay to date, time served on unsentenced status, sentenced status, minimum security status, etc.

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National Recognized Decision Tree Model

The classification instruments are fully automated with appropriate information displayed to answer each risk split. The classification officer can seamlessly add criminal history, disciplinary history alert flags and holds/detainers while conducting the classification. Please download the following documents for more information:

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Key Features

The Jail Classification module is seamlessly integrated within the COMPAS Suite and most Jail Managagement solutions.

  • PREA Assessment and Incident Reporting
  • Classification Review
  • Disciplinary Tracking
  • Initial Classification (medical screening, officer observation, suicide risk, mental health pre-screeners)
  • Primary Classification
  • Cell Management
  • Gang Tracking
  • Inmate Needs Assessment and Program Tracking
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